Name of Listserv Brief Description More Information
Association for the Development of Library and Information Science (ASDOLIS) The Association for the Development of Library and Information Science was established as a professional association in December 2007 to elevate the professional standards in the existing scenario of Library Information Science (LIS) in Tamilnadu & India. View
CORPORATELIBRNS This is a forum to discuss our agonies, achievements, problems, creative solutions, tools and technologies, issues and literature with corporate Library & Information Professionals. View
Digilib India It is an initiative to create awareness about issues relating to Digital Libraries, Library Automation and Management, viz. creation, maintenance, standards, architectures, software, how to start, Human Resources, etc. Specifically concentrating on issues related to Indian Libraries/Institutions and community. View
KM Forum KM-Forum - a Knowledge Management Discussion Forum for global KM and LIS Professionals. This e-group brings together all the global KM and LIS practitioners, consultants, and leading experts. View
LIS-Forum LIS-Forum is an e-mail based discussion forum for Library and Information professionals in India. It is operated and maintained by JRD Tata Memorial Library, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and NCSI-Net Foundation. It was established in the year 1995 with financial support from NISSAT, DSIR, Govt. of India. View
Lisforum_Orissa This forum is a common platform for LIS professionals, teachers, researchers, students to share ideas, knowledge, messages, information etc with each other for the development of LIS profession and professionals. It will help to address issues on Library and Information Science, to solve day today problems of libraries, resource sharing among libraries and generation of new ideas on LIS. View
MANLIBNET India It is a platform for management and business libraries to share ideas, knowledge and information to each other to promote effective collaboration and resource sharing. View
medlib It is a platform for Medical Librarians and Information Scientist to discuss professional issues. View
Pune Libraries Networking Forum (PLNF) PLNF has been established for the discussions on current topics in the field of LIS and thereby to establish a group of people work in collaboration. This will give an opportunity to exchange the ideas and keep us alert with the latest developments in the field. View