Name of Listserv Brief Description More Information
ACRL - AAMES-L AAMES-L is ACRL Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section’s discussion list. AAMES has created this list to facilitate and encourage discussion of important issues amongst Section members and non-members across the spectrum of the area studies librarian’s groups represented: Association for Asian Studies (AAS), African Studies Association (ASA), and the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). View
ALA-WORLD ALA-World Listserv is to foster international cooperation and understanding between libraries by providing a forum for sharing news, including educational and exchange opportunities, about libraries around the world and international entities affecting libraries. View
ALCASALIST ALCASALIST is a discussion list to facilitate the work of the Africana Librarians Council (African Studies Association, U.S.A.). View
APALA LISTSERV It is a list of Asia/Pacific American Librarians Association. View
AUTOCAT (the library cataloging and authorities discussion group) AUTOCAT is run by University of Syracuse, serves as an electronic forum for the discussion of all questions relating to cataloguing and authority control in libraries. View
Chinese American Librarians Association LISTSERV CALA LISTSERV is a discussion forum as well as a communication channel for the Chinese American Librarians Association. View
Free MARC Records This group lists sites that offer free access to MARC (machine readable cataloging) catalog records for libraries. View
IATUL- L IATUL- L is a mail serv list the staff of the International Association of University Libraries member institutions. View
IFLA ACQUIS-L ACQUIS-L exists as an electronic discussion list for members of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Acquisitions & Collection Development. View
IFLA CATSMAIL (The mailing list of the IFLA Cataloguing Section's Standing Committee) This listserv shall serve to facilitate free discussions between the committee members and others interested in cataloguing topics and in the work of the Cataloguing Section. View
IFLA CDNL-L (Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL) mailing list) The list is moderated and it exists for the purpose of exchanging information about policies, services and operations of national libraries. View
IFLA CLASS (The Classification and Indexing Section list) The list is to facilitate communication among the Section Members and to allow to exchange of materials and proposals between Coordinating Board meetings. View
IFLA CPDWL (Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning List) This is a discussion list for information professionals who are interested in issues to do with continuing professional development & workplace learning in the library and information professions. View
IFLA DDILSC (IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing) The purpose of the list is to facilitate discussion among the members of the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Standing Committee. View
IFLA DIGLIB (A discussion list for digital libraries researchers and librarians) TThe DIGLIB mailing list is for librarians, information scientists, and other information professionals to share information about the many issues and technologies pertaining to the creation of digital libraries. View
IFLA DOCDEL-L (IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing) A discussion list for librarians, information professionals, and document suppliers to discuss the generic issues pertaining to delivering information to users via document delivery and interlibrary loan, as well as the broader issues involved in resource sharing. View
IFLA ELEARN This is a discussion list for information professionals who are interested in issues to do with applications of e-learning in LIS education, continuing professional education and development and the operation of library services. View
IFLA FAIFE-L (Mailing list of IFLA Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE)) FAIFE-L will focus on libraries, librarianship and intellectual freedom issues and aims to be an open forum for sharing information and facilitate communication among IFLA members and others. View
IFLA GOVLIB The purpose of this list is to facilitate discussion about government libraries and to encourage idea and information exchange on issues facing libraries and librarians today. View
IFLA INDIA-LIS (Library and Information Science in India Mailing List) INDIA-LIS is an IFLA initiative to discuss and debate on issues of interest to library and information science in India. View
IFLA InfoLit-L (IFLA Information Literacy Section Discussion List) The aim of this list is to provide a forum the international library and educational community to discuss and share information literacy ideas, documents, and experiences. View
IFLA KMDG-L (Knowledge Management Section Discussion List) The Knowledge Management Discussion List is an open list for librarians and others interested in discussing the issues of the "new" field of knowledge management, particularly with regard to setting up such a function in their libraries or organizations. The List will also provide an opportunity for discussion about the activities of the IFLA Knowledge Management Section. View
IFLA LIBJOBS (Library and Information Science jobs mailing list) It is a mailing list for librarians and information professionals seeking employment. View
IFLA LIS-L LIS-Library Education in Developing Countries Discussion Group aims for curriculum development for LIS schools in developing countries, exchange of expertise and experience, design policy and procedures for assessment and accreditation/certification, organizing workshops, conferences, seminars etc. and promoting research activities. View
IFLA NPDG-L (New Professionals Special Interest Group's mailing list) The List is a discussion list for new professionals who are interested in discussing issues of importance regarding career development, new professional opportunities or any topic that might be of interest to recent recruits to the library profession. View
IFLA RSCAO-L (Mailing list of the Regional Section: Asia and Oceania) The mailing list of the Regional Section: Asia and Oceania functions as an avenue to disseminate information on library and information-related activities such as projects, conferences and seminars within the five sub-regions of Asia and Oceania, that is, West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Oceania. View
IFLA SER-INFO (Serials and Other Continuing Resources's public mailing list) Its aim is to share information and foster discussion about serials topics and activities that are pertinent to the work of the Section and also to the general theme of "serials and other continuing resources." View
IFLA-IT The purpose of the Mailing List is to provide a forum for the members of the Section on Information Technology to exchange ideas and experience in use of information and communication technologies in libraries. View
IFLA-L IFLA-L is an electronic mailing list that brings news and information relevant to the international library sector, a forum of general interest to the international library community, congress updates and announcements, newsletters and new publications. View
IFLAstat (IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section Mailing List) The IFLASTAT list exists to promote the discussion and exchange of information about the compilation and use of statistics and evaluation in libraries, including e-metrics. View
ILIGlist The ILIGlist is a worldwide email discussion group run by, and primarily for, International Library and Information Group members of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). View
MELANET-L MELANET is an email list devoted to Middle East librarianship. View
PAC-LIST (IFLA Preservation and Conservation core activity mailing list) The IFLA-PAC mailing list will contribute to raise awareness among library professionals of the urgent need to preserve our endangered documentary heritage, by providing large-scale news and information on preservation. View
perl4lib It is an unmoderated and open list for discussing the use of Perl in library and information science. View
UNIMARC-DIS (UNIMARC Users Discussion List) UNIMARC-DIS is intended to promote international cooperation among librarians and other professionals using or interested in the UNIMARC formats. View
UNIVERS (Academic and Research Libraries Mailing List) This list will be used for communication with members of the IFLA Academic and Research Libraries. View
WESS-L (Western European Studies Section List) The Western European Studies Section (WESS) is part of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. WESS is professionally involved in the acquisition, organization, and use of information sources originating in or related to Western European countries. View
WILL-L (Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group) Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group's mission is the promotion, development and support library and information services for the benefit of women, and society as a whole. View