About Us

LIS Learning is a humble initiative to bring together the all library and information science professionals in to one platform, so that they can enhance their knowledge and share their expertise and views. The portal envisages a space for teachers and other professionals to express their ideas on any subject that touches their professional lives, which also involves the uploading of material created by and for library professionals in English Language.

The portal LIS Learning will help to impart LIS education in all types of professionals, researchers and other learners. The whole information has been divided in to various categories such as Faculty Corner, Professionals Corner, Researchers Corner, Students Corner etc. to meet the information requirements of the all sections of the LIS community. Links will be provided to websites of other organizations, institutions and people to provide access for information professionals and library students.

The project has been funded by University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi under its Major Research Project (2012-2014).