Aslib Journal of Information Management Bi-Monthly Social media, data protection, search engines, information retrieval, digital libraries, information behaviour, intellectual property and copyright, information industry, digital repositories and information policy and governance Click for AJIM
The Bottom Line Quarterly Fundraising, Economics affecting libraries, Grants, taxes and levies, Internet issues relating to finance, Business trends, Outsourcing library function, Other financial topics related to libraries Click for BL
Collection Building Quarterly Collection development for librarians in academic, public, company and special libraries Click for CB
The Electronic Library Bi-Monthly Libraries and the web, Digital libraries, Library technology and automation, Software and hardware developments for information management and sharing, Library networking, integrated library systems, and online public access catalogues, User interfaces and web usability, Internet access and use, e-books, databases, and e-journals, e-governance and e-readiness, Library services for online and distance learning Click for EL
Information Technology & People Quarterly Information technology, Information systems, new technologies and its uses Click for ITP
Interlending & Document Supply Quarterly Acquisition, storage and photo duplication of stock, Networking, The supply of documents between organizations in developed and developing countries, Worldwide developments in new technology Click for IDS
International Journal of Web Information Systems Quarterly Metadata and ontologies, Web semantics architectures, applications and standards, Language and representation issues of Web semantics, Migrating existing information, Web mining, Web search and information extraction, Web structure/linkage mining, Applications of Web mining and searching, Web databases, Managing and storing XML data, Generation of XML data from legacy applications, Indexing and retrieval of XML data, Web data integration, Web schema management, Web media, Web design metrics, Web-based meta-computing, Communities on the Web, Formal reasoning about Web dynamics, Web-commerce and E-business, E-Business models and architectures, Agent technology for E-Commerce, E-Business application case studies, Workflow architectures in support of collaboration process, Establishment and coordination of virtual enterprises, Emerging interoperability standards, Internet quality of service, Internet traffic engineering, Mobile computing for the Internet, Performance of Web applications, Web-based education, Advanced Web applications Click for IJWIS
Journal of Documentation Bi-Monthly Psychology and cognitive science, the physical sciences, communication and media studies, museum studies, computer science, sociology and publishing Click for JD
Library Hi Tech Quarterly Integrated library systems and networking, Strategic planning, policy implementation across entire institutions, consortia and resource access initiatives, Security, automation systems, architecture and technology, Electronic publishing, library technology in specific countries, user perspectives on technology, technology to assist disabled library users and library-related web sites Click for LHT
Library Hi Tech News Ten issues in a year New Web Browsers/Search Engines, Virtual Reference/Pilots/Experiments, Library Uses of Skype/VOIP, Integrated Library Systems (ILSs) and ILMS, Blogging, Discovery Tools/Federated Search, Library Mobile Applications, EContent/Ebooks/Digital Collections, Social Networks/Collaboration, Virtual Worlds, Instructional Technology, Content Management Systems, Library as Publisher, Twitter Applications for Libraries, Gaming and Simulations, Digital Textbooks, New Library Learning Spaces, Digital Preservation/Data Curation, Virtual Conferencing, Citation Managers, Digital Video, Technology for Library Users with Disabilities, LibGuides and similar products, Data Visualization, EScience/EResearch/Cyberinfrastructure, Open Source Software, Cloud Computing, Metadata and Tagging, Crowdsourcing, Web analytics tools, Web 3.0 and the semantic web Click for LHTN
Library Management Nine issues in a year Strategic management, HRM/HRO, Cultural diversity, Information use, Quality and change management, Management issues, Marketing, Outsourcing, Automation, Library finance, Charging, Performance measurement, Data protection and copyright Click for LM
Library Review Nine issues in a year Developing information services, Hybrid and digital libraries, Information literacy and e-learning, Metadata and distributed searching, Library collaboration and resource sharing, Museums, archives, manuscripts and library history, Libraries, information and society, Training and professional development, Academic and public libraries, Digital heritage, special libraries and collections, Information strategy and knowledge management, National and international policy Click for LR
New Library World Monthly Coming developments and trends within the library profession Click for NLW
OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives Quarterly Digital libraries, repositories and preservation, Digital content, Web metadata standards, Web markup languages, Imaging and digitization techniques, Usability studies Click for OCLCSS
Online Information Review Bi-Monthly Altmetrics and related metrics for measuring research impact, Applications of cloud computing in online information, Bibliometrics, but strictly in an online environment, Choosing, evaluating, exchanging and maximising the content of online information resources of any kind, Data mining and text mining, Differences between web databases and their capabilities and limitations, Human-computer interaction related to online information resources, Information quality, trust and credibility, Metadata theory and developments, Mobile and ubiquitous access to information, Mobile applications and solutions in online environments, New approaches to information resource design on the web, New approaches to search engine design, implementation and evaluation on the web, Role of intelligent agents in web information, Social media/social networks, social media analytics, Usability issues of online resources and websites, User behaviour, usability and user interfaces for information environments, Web use and content in various contexts Click for OIR
Performance Measurement and Metrics 3 issues in a year Quantitative and qualitative analysis, Benchmarking, Organizational effectiveness, Training and education, Performance measurement and metrics methodologies, Assessment tools, Emerging technologies, Standards Click for PMM
Program Quarterly Studies on information creation or use of Web information including collaboration (e.g. Wikis) social media or other, Sharing of data using the Web of Data/Linked Data approach, E-science and data science, Semantic Web and intelligent techniques exploiting digital information on the Web, Dealing with large volumes of data with novel processing techniques, Studies on the structure of social networks and social platforms, Information behaviour of users in the Web, including social platforms, games and any other kind of interaction place, Empirical analysis of on-line communities, Classification and recommendation approaches for digital information of any kind, Analytics and business analytics Click for Program
Reference Reviews 8 issues in year Reference resources, resources that are likely to be of value in an academic library setting, but also use in public and specialist libraries Click for RR
Reference Services Review Quarterly All aspects of reference and library user services in a digital age Click for RSR
Journal of Knowledge Management Bi-Monthly Developing an appropriate culture and communication strategy, Integrating learning and knowledge infrastructure, Knowledge management and the learning organization, Information organization and retrieval technologies for improving the quality of knowledge, Linking knowledge management to performance initiatives, Retaining knowledge - human and intellectual capital, Using information technology to develop knowledge management, Knowledge management and innovation, Measuring the value of knowledge already within an organization, What lies beyond knowledge management Click for JKM