The International Information & Library Review Quarterly International and Comparative Librarianship, Information Sciences, Information Policy and Information Ethics, Digital Values and Digital Libraries Click for IILR
Archives and Manuscripts 3 issues per year Theory and Practice of Archives and Recordkeeping in Australasia and around the World Click for AM
Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association Bi-Annually Current Professional Practices and Research in Archives and Archive Conservations Click for AR
The Australian Library Journal Quarterly Australian Library and Information Research and Practice Click for ALJ
Australian Academic & Research Libraries Quarterly Library and Information science Click for AARL
Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian Quarterly Publishing Trends; Reference and Bibliographic Instruction; Indexing and Abstracting; Thesaurus Building and Database Construction; Bibliographic and Numeric Databases Click for BSSL
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 8 issues per year Cataloging and Preservation, Cataloging for Digital Resources, Cataloging for Special Collections and Archives, Classification and Subject Access, Descriptive Cataloging, Education and Training for Cataloging and Classification, The Internationalization of Cataloging, Management of Cataloging and Related Functions, Maps and Other Cartographic and Spatial Materials, Online Retrieval, Use and Usability Issues related to the Catalog, Use of Catalog Data by Systems outside the OPAC Click for CCQ
Collection Management Quarterly Digital Collection Management, Meeting Staffing and Training Challenges, Management for Special Collections and Archive, Data Management Concerns, Risk and Financial Issues and Strategies, Consortial and Cooperative Collections, Assessment Tools and Methods, Decision making in the face of Access vs. Ownership, Collection Development focused on International and Area Studies, The Latest Collection of Management Tools Click for CM
College & Undergraduate Libraries Quarterly Innovative Library Services, Library Resources Click for CUL
Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management Half Yearly Scientometrics and Information Management Click for CJSIM
Community & Junior College Libraries Quarterly Information Literacy, Collection Development, Programming Initiatives, Proven Policies, Conference Reports, and Networks and Consortia Click for CJCL
Internet Reference Services Quarterly Quarterly Online, Electronic and Digital Aspects, Library Reference and Information Services, Reference Practices, Research Consultations, Reference Sources and Tools, Professional Librarianship, Electronic Communications, Information Literacy, Online Searching, Training and Education, Managing Reference Services, Evaluating Information Services and Sources, Software and Technology, and User Populations Click for IRSQ
International Journal of Heritage Studies 10 issues per year Heritage Studies, Museum Studies, History, Tourism Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Memory Studies, Cultural Geography, Law, Cultural Studies, and Interpretation and Design Click for IJHS
Journal of Access Services Quarterly Stacks Maintenance, Circulation Services, Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan, Reserve Reading Collections, Building Security and Maintenance, and User Area Maintenance Click for JAS
Journal of Archival Organization Quarterly Manuscripts, Printed Documents, Microforms, Photographs and Other Images, Oral History Tapes and Transcripts, Electronic Records, Cartographic Materials, Architectural Drawings, New and Developing Electronic Formats Click for JAO
Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship Quarterly Political risk and Country Risk, The Structure of the National Trade Data Bank, Marketing Information, The Core Business Web, Distance Learning Librarianship Click for JBFL
Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries Quarterly Collection Development and Selection of Electronic Resources, Electronic Document Delivery in Medicine and Health Care, Enhancing Electronic Resource User Services, Print versus Electronic or Combination Formats, Site Licensing-what Librarians need to know, Delegating work that involves Electronic/Digital Acquisitions, Cataloging-e-Books, e-Journals, and other Electronic Formats, The Merger of Serial and Book Formats in the Electronic Library, Coping with Electronic Misinformation, Fraudulence, and shams on the Internet, "E-core" lists in Medicine, Allied Health, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Science, Mental Health, and other Health Care Fields, The Library's Role in Medical Informatics, Access Issues and solutions for Electronic Journals, The Impact of Electronic Resources and the Internet on User Services, Electronic Reserves, The Role of Medical Libraries with PDAs, Archiving Issues for Electronic Formats, Cost Analyses of Digital Resources, Database/Journal Publisher relations and Medical Libraries Click for JERML
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship Quarterly Electronic Resources and the Digital Environment’s Impact on Collecting, Acquiring and making Accessible Library Materials Click for JERL
Journal of Hospital Librarianship Quarterly Hospital librarians, Discussions of Technological Challenges and Solutions, Health Care Administration Issues Click for JHL
Journal of Information Privacy and Security Quarterly Information Privacy and Security Click for JIPS
Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research Quarterly Artificial intelligence, business process reengineering, cross-cultural issues, cybernetics, decision support systems, electronic commerce, enterprise systems, groupware, the human side of IT, information architecture, joint application development, knowledge based systems, local area networks, management information systems, office automation, outsourcing, prototyping, robotics, security, social networking, software as a service, supply chain management, systems analysis, telemedicine, ubiquitous computing, video-conferencing, and Web 2.0 Click for JITCAR
Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve 5 issues per year Library resource sharing and cooperation including, but not limited to interlibrary loan, shared storage facilities, shared virtual services, cooperative training and collection development Click for JILDDER
Journal of Library Administration 8 issues per year Public and technical operations, information technology and management, access to information in all formats and delivery options, physical and virtual environments, and organizational behavior Click for JLA
Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning 4 issues per year Collection development strategies, faculty/librarian partnerships or collaborations, cutting edge instruction and reference techniques, document delivery, remote access, evaluation Click for JLISDL
Journal of Library Metadata 4 issues per year Application profiles; best practices; controlled vocabularies; cross walking of metadata and interoperability; digital libraries and metadata; federated repositories and searching; folksonomies, individual metadata schemes; institutional repository metadata; metadata content standards; resource description framework; SKOS; topic maps Click for JLM
Journal of Map & Geography Libraries 3 issues per year Collecting, organization, and utilization of geographic and cartographic materials and information Click for JMGL
Journal of Web Librarianship 4 issues per year Library web page design and redesigns, web project management, usability testing of library or library-related sites, cataloging or classification of Web information, international issues in web librarianship, library integration with other web sites, and future aspects of web librarianship Click for JWL
Legal Reference Services Quarterly 4 issues per year Federal regulatory research-selected agency knowledge paths, Law library collection development in the digital age, Teamwork and collaboration in libraries-tools for theory and practice, Public services issues with rare and archival law materials, Teaching legal research and providing access to electronic resources, Emerging solutions in reference services-implications for libraries in the new millennium, Law librarians abroad, The political economy of legal information, Symposium of law publishers, The legal bibliography-tradition, transitions, and trends, Practical approaches to legal research Click for LRSQ
Library & Archival Security 2 issues per year Archival security, including but not limited to patron privacy, theft detection and prevention, inventory methods, security systems and equipment, safety in libraries, legal and societal issues, challenges posed by digital collections and the Internet, the security and integrity of electronic records, networks and communications Click for LAS
Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 4 issues per year Collection management and technical services, acquisition of materials in academic, public, school and special libraries; cataloging and authority control; outsourcing of technical services operations; electronic publications; gifts and exchanges. In reflecting the broad, practical and theoretical foundations of the discipline Click for LCATS
Medical Reference Services Quarterly 4 issues per year Use of the Internet for providing medical information, Utilization of biomedical databases, Administration and management of medical reference services, Continuing education of medical reference librarians and online search analysts, Clinical medical librarians, Marketing medical reference services, Staffing for the medical reference department, The informationist and medical reference librarians, User education in health sciences libraries, Legal aspects of medical reference, Virtual (chat) reference, Document delivery in health sciences libraries, Patient education, Ready reference in health sciences libraries, Collection management of medical reference, electronic and print resources, PDAs and the medical library, Evidence-based medical librarianship, Use of blogs and RSS feeds by health sciences libraries Click for MRSQ
Music Reference Services Quarterly 4 issues per year Administration and management, bibliographic instruction, collection development, digital audio delivery, electronic resources, facilities, music librarianship education, preservation of music materials, reference services, cataloging, and bibliographies relating to printed music and audio-visual materials Click for MRSQ
New Review of Academic Librarianship 3 issues per year Scholarly communication (including institutional repositories), Support for learning & research, Information literacy, Deployment of information and communication technologies, Changing use of physical space, Performance monitoring and service evaluation, Human resources and workforce development, Collection management, Conservation and preservation, Collaboration and co-operation, Electronic content procurement, National/international policy on higher education library and information provision Click for NRAL
Public Library Quarterly 4 issues per year Best practices and models to improve service, Management case studies-with results and failures, Library mythologies that retard individual and institutional development, Studies of how to plan results and accomplish desired outcomes, Marketing and fund-raising tools that work, Budget and financial analysis tools and tips, How new technology works in practice, Innovative, high-quality programs for children Click for PLQ
Public Services Quarterly 4 issues per year Understanding of public services, including reference and research assistance, information literacy instruction, access and delivery services Click for PSQ
The Reference Librarian 4 issues per year All aspects of the reference process, new electronic tools and resources, best practices in instruction and reference service, analysis of marketing of services, and effectiveness studies Click for TRL
Science & Technology Libraries 4 issues per year Descriptions and analyses of the information needs of emerging sciences and technologies, comparison of features, coverage and costs of new information products, Competition among publications, publishers, platforms, and the for-profit vs. non-profit vs. Open Access sectors within the STMA information industry, Examination of the accuracy & quality control of scientific information resources and publications, Institutional repositories, The relevance or lack of it in federated searching on retrieval of more specialized scientific and technical information, The impact of distance education on the in-person of use of science libraries and their electronic resources, The professional training of science librarians, The education of science library users, The evaluation of scientists and their grant proposals using bibliometric measures, Building strategic alliances and advocacy groups within your sponsoring organization Click for STL
Serials Review 4 issues per year Serials management: format considerations, publishing models, statistical studies, collection analysis, collaborative efforts, reference and access issues, cataloging and acquisitions Click for SR
The Information Society 5 issues per year The rise of virtual communities, Visions and practices of digital libraries, E-commerce and business processes, Evolving notions of information infrastructure, Various forms of "electronic democracy" Click for IS
The Serials Librarian 4 issues per year Management of electronic and print serials and other subscription resources (ebooks, monographic series, databases) Click for SL
Slavic & East European Information Resources 4 issues per year Acquisitions, cataloging and metadata, collection development and management, digitization, information literacy instruction, preservation, and reference Click for SEEIR
Technical Services Quarterly 4 issues per year Technical services, automation, networking, document delivery, information technology, library instruction and information literacy, reference and bibliography, case studies, cost analysis, staffing, space, organizational behavior and leadership, and collection development and management Click for TSQ