The Indian Library Association is a premier association committed to the cause of Library Movement and Development. The Indian Library Association is the national association which represents those who work in or advocate for Indian libraries. 

ILA has provided a wide variety of services and programs to its members and others in the library community since its formation September 13, 1933. ILA's Executive Council and its divisions are advised by others groups and committees. It was Indian Library Association was formally formed at the First All India Library Conference at Calcutta. The objectives of the Association are: promotion of research in library science, co-operation with international organizations with similar objectives, publication of bulletins, periodicals, books etc., which tend to the realization of the objects of the association;

establishment of libraries, documentation & information centres and assistance to their establishment and working; and promotion of appropriate library legislation in India.

Headquarters: A 40-41, Flat No. 201, Ansal Building, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009, India

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